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Time steps into February, and have your planned to pack yourself and to enjoy the picturesque landscape in other places? In your traveling, there are replica watches would make you easily master your time, and Mido watches is the one could do. Designers, inspired by the typical bridge from Sydney harbor bridge, designed Mido World Timer the first one that combines automatic winding, water-proof, anti-magnetic and anti-shock performance on it. With those brilliant features, you won’t worry about the interference from the outside world that could exert on it, and just throw yourself into that wonderland to enjoy your moment. The simple features are presented before with complicated skills.
Mido Multifort inherits the typical features from the Sydney harbor bridge as you can see the round curve is set off to its best by the shining rose gold. The vertical Geneva waves are just like steel supporters on the bridge, manifesting its grandeur. The dual crowns are quite practical and the crown at 4 o’clock is for the convenience of adjusting time while the crown at 2 o’clock is for the purpose of adjusting time at second time zone. The 24 times zones make it possible to learn the times of major cities from around the world and makes your journey perfect.

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As long as you wind it, then the bezel at second time zone would bring the 24 major cities go the blue hand to indicate the time. Hour hand and minute hand are coated with PVD rose gold, and are carefully processed on the surface of the hands. Second hand and the hour hand at second time zone are made of high-quality blue steel, and always shows its vivid beauty. Through a sapphire, see-through case back is a complicated, automatic movement that could make your time accessing more easy.

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