Watches That Are Extremely Expensive

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Excalibur Quatuor, as the name implies, is the world’s first watch that is equipped with four balance wheel balance spring, which has special significance in the senior clocks and watches history. The whole mechanism is just like four musicians, together with five differential parts to deduce a song, at the same time it serves as a high challenge for gravity. As one of the most innovative watchmaking factory in 21st century, Roger Dubuis precise machinery classic works, Excalibur Quatuor once again is beyond the limit of precision, to be a breakthrough of modern watchmaking industry. The watch is carrying with the manual mechanical movement, and the watch strap is crocodile leather strap, the watch case is 48mm, and it is on sale at the price of ¥7,850,000 RMB.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER CONTROL series Q1663314 watch

The classic MASTER CONTROL watch is made of 18k white gold material, and it is inlaid with 576 beautiful gold, with the total weight of about 52.3 karats, and at the position of six o’clock, there sets the complicated Tourbillon device, and these are two determined factors of this watch being such expensive. The watch is carrying with automatic mechanical movement, and the watch case and watch strap are all made of 18k white gold and diamonds, and the size of the watch case is 43mm in diameter. The price on sale is ¥6,300,000 RMB.

Rolex GMT-Master 116769TBR-74779B Watch

For most of the watches fans, the price of the Rolex is affordable, at least not so expensive out of imagination because of the Rolex is adhering to the idea of being practical and doing best on the basic function. However, Rolex once also launched the expensive watch, that is the GMT-Master 116769TBR-74779B Watch, which is an masterpiece of Rolex with the unimaginable price of ¥ 4,756,500 RMB.

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