Meaningful Style – Rolex Cellini 4233/9BI

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Rolex Cellini series wrist watches are in memory of the Italian artist Cellini, who was sculptor, jewelry craftsman, art theorist and outstanding writer, he was a versatile person. In his world view he kept many of the individualism factors that were derived from the Renaissance period. He was spoken highly of by the Pope, Florence archduke and the king of France. He was the representative figure of Deco style sculpture of socialism, and he was the only artist who advocated restoring the heroic spirit in the sculpture works. Today we are to bring you a Rolex Cellini watch with the official number of 4233/9BI.

The overall appearance of this Rolex Cellini series watch is solid and steady, which is through a kind of mature and wise temperament with an experienced wind and rain baptism, to be very suitable for successful men who have certain experience, and also suitable for those men who are chasing high classic elegant tastes. The Rolex Cellini 4233/9BI watch is in the diameter of 32 mm, and the vintage pillow-shape watch case is made of 18 k rose gold and platinum, so as to present a warm full-bodied elegant and vintage taste. Table mirror of this Rolex Cellini watch adopted a arched sapphire glass, and the subtle curve of the table mirror is showing the elegant classical style as usual of the Rolex Cellini series. The watch crown is also made of 18 k platinum, and the hand feeling is comfortable when winding, which makes it be fondled admiringly; moreover, the Rolex crown logo at the top of the crown highlights the brand extraordinary king temperament.

For the Rolex Cellini 4233/9BI , it is carrying the manual winding mechanical movement, and adopts the Solid Case Back, carving a Rolex brand logo on the bottom cover, and the cursive handwriting “Cellini”, bottom cover edge also is carved with elegant decorative pattern modification, which is sending out the unique classic lasting appeal.

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