How to choose a Breitling

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When come to the watches born for sport, three brands will come to my mind, one is Piguet, one is Rolex and one Breitling. To be honest, there are too many sport watches and no strict definition is exerted on the sport watches.

Piguet Royal Oak is a well-known classic sport watches and compared to other brands, Royal Oak give us a more sport feeling. Rolex is also known to people for its sport watches, including it steel-made and gold-made watches. Today, we want to focus on Breitling which is less prestigious but is still equally well with other brands in any aspects.

Among all the Breitling watches, how do we choose a desirable watch that could satisfy our requirement among so many types? Here we will show you some useful into that may help you on this.

I emphasize on the BRAND
Quite a few of people do not have an overall knowledge of watches even though they really want one. SO a well-designed and a famous brand would just meet the needs. For those who just want an ordinary watch or start their way to appreciate watches, choosing a basic type is crucial.

There are two types among Breitling, one is Superocean 42 mm and another one is Transocean 42mm and Chronograph M2000. It is strongly suggested to choose Superocean 42mm and here are their type NO: A173643B and A17364Y4. Why do we recommend it? First, price reason. Second, powerful functions: a Date, a rotating bezel and 1500 meters depth of water-proof (professional) and the last, modern design, with orange matching blue, which looks young and fashionable.

Another one Transocean 43 mm and its type NO: A1035012. This type of watch matches Leisure suit and it has a series of combinations of steel, everose, black dial and bracelet that is available. Why we recommend: authentic design, simple but with good taste and business-oriented; thinner than others.

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