Classic Tourbillon-Breguet Ultra-thin Classique Tourbillon Automatic Ref.5377

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Although Breguet watches is famous, it seems to be mysterious among the best replica watches uk. Breguet seems to extend to a series of watches, such as the Classique and Tradition. Today, we are going to talk about this special movement-Breguet Classique Ultra-thin Automatic Ref.5377. As part of Classique, this Breguet Ultra-thin Classique Tourbillon Automatic Ref.5377 has a pretty thin case, and has a tourbillon.

Tourbillon seems to be modern. It was in the past 20 years that Tourbillon was really put into watches. In the middle of 20 century, Omega became the first watch brand that could put a tourbillon in its watches. Cal.581DR works at 4 Hz, which means that it doesn’t need to sacrifice its frequency and thus this design reduce the complexity. The movement has 80 hours of energy reserve, and a reliable double barrels. Looking from the dial, it looks simple, as it only has a second hand. Last but not the least, the movement is an automatic one. Automatic movement is rare, and ultra-thin automatic pretty much rare. The 581Dr movement measures 3 mm of its thickness, and it has a quite rare ultra-thin tourbillon that goes around it. When you look at it at the first time, you won’t realize that it a automatic movement. Then when you look around the movement, you may be shocked by Breguet’s thoughtfulness, as it applied many small things to adorn it, such as the engraving patterns, and I am sure that this must be a manual engraving pattern.

Antic watches always has this dial. Roman time indexes has this kind of time numbers. The needle is obviously a blue steel and POMME, also known as Breguet hands. Counters of displaying time is asymmetric, which I am fine with it, but some collector may think this is a problem. Breguet have to do that to adjust to tourbillon size. Anyway, the dial has a clear reading.

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