Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore White Ceramic Diver Watch – ROO Diver Watch

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It has been four years since Audemars Piguet promoted its Royal Oak Offshore. From the basic three hands, Audemars Piguet develops more new color and new materials. In 2012, Royal Oak Offshore has a new carbon case. This is a big Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. In 2013, Royal Oak Offshore adds the black ceramic edition. In 2014, we have this Royal Oak ceramic white diver watch.

I love white watch. I love this Roo diver watch. Although white may be more suitable for ladies, but that is for a ladies watches in that case. In my opinion, the white watch can be also masculine, and cool. In the past years, people are getting crazy about the white watches, and many brands made their attempt to produce white watches. Some succeeded and some failed. But here I could guarantee that audemars piguet replica will produce this white ceramic and titanium Roo watch. White ceramic is abraded so it has no shines. At the back of the case is a titanium alloy. Have you noticed any difference? I guess even a Audemars Piguet fan could not noticed that that Audemars Piguet Royal oak has a see-through case back. Although this is a 300 meters diver watch, you can see the movement. All the details are easy to tell, including the classic octagonal bezel. As a diver watch, it is fitted with a rotating bezel within the case-controlled by the screwing crown.

On the diver watch, this silver-coated dial is fitted with mega Tapiserie, a big grid pattern. Blue is applied here to match with white color. There are two luminous material: the white light luminescence and blue luminescence. Royal Oak Offshore white ceramic is fitted with a white rubber strap, and Audemars Piguet chooses excellent rubber. But the biggest problem is the aging of rubber. Honestly, rubber bracelet could changes easily, right?

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